Artificial and built-up structures with gaps or sections for water to flow through and where a Gnarraban (basket) can be placed. These structures were positioned across races and natural drainage lines. The traps could be built as V-shaped basalt block walls, or as a woven timber fence.

  • Project: Aboriginal eel Aquaculture – Gunditjmara Country.
  • Climate: Temperate – Warm-summer Mediterranean
  • Year: 4000 BC
  • Water type: Freshwater
  • Landscape: Volcano stream
  • Altitude: 20-30 m.a.s.l
  • Soil condition: Peat and basalt rocks
  • Material: Basalt rocks or timber
  • Temporality: Seasonal, autumn and winter
  • Form: Point
  • Use or Function: Aquaculture