Kamalir and Nandur

Kamalir and Nandur
Clearing waterways and planting rice

Kamalir is cleaning waterways from weeds and parasites. It is done by the men in Kampung Naga as part of regular community activities before the planting season. Nandur is the activity of planting rice in the fields. This includes regulating the amount of water collected in each parcel to suit the needs of rice seeds to grow properly.

  • Project: Kampung Naga
  • Climate: Tropical – Mild temperate humid
  • Year: Current
  • Water Type: Fresh water
  • Landscape: Terraced valley
  • Meaning : Utilitarian
  • Water workers & users: Inhabitants/ Farmers
  • Material: Paddy soils
  • Period: Fixed parcels
  • Use or Function : Agriculture