The research Circular Water Stories (CWS) is embedded in the research-portfolio Landscape Composition and Systems of the section Landscape Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft (Netherlands).

The initiator is Dr. Ir. I. Bobbink (TU Delft).

Landscape composition and Systems

As a section, we focus on knowledge acquisition, strategy development and design exploration of landscape compositions and systems in the built environment. The research responds to the needs of society by mobilising its landscape architecture knowledge, skills and reputation toward the design and planning of sustainable living landscapes. Through fundamental research and practical applications scholars in landscape architecture explore the potential of spatial, temporal and material dimensions of the landscape – including ecological, social and technical aspects – advancing future-oriented action and thinking on the development of urban landscapes at multiple scale levels. The research portfolio elaborates on (1) landscape design foundations, (2) landscape architecture compositions and (3) urban landscapes.

Circular Water Stories

The CWS research puts water systems, people, flora and fauna as a vivid part of Landscape Architecture in the centre of attention. By doing so, the CWS research contributes to all three fields of investigation: landscape design foundations, landscape architecture compositions and urban landscapes.

PhD research, financed research, graduation work and especially the work of the CWS lab delivers research output, which is accessible on this site.

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